Rawthentic Eatery's raw, plant-based menu is broad, delicious and diverse, perfect for anyone and everyone seeking the essential whole food energy that helps us THRIVE.  All of Rawthentic's menu items are made from hand-selected, high-quality, organic vegan ingredients to always achieve optimum freshness and flavour.   

Our vision at Rawthentic is to help all our customers find and maintain the best possible health fuelled by great nutrition, to educate and promote the nutritional benefits of a raw food lifestyle, and to bring harmony and healing to all our valued patrons by providing information, educational classes and hands-on training that empowers individuals to live healthier lives through adapting a full or partial raw food lifestyle.  

We aim to provide raw, vegan foods to fit everyone's lifestyle.  For some of our customers, dietary changes are absolutely necessary due to medical reasons such as diabetics and/or high blood pressure, or for food allergy sufferers, Celiacs or for anyone with an inability to properly digest nuts, gluten, wheat, sugar and/or dairy.  For other people, raw foods are a healthy supplement, playing a role in complementing current eating. 

As we grow and evolve, Rawthentic will continually strive to accommodate our valued customers’ needs, their tastes and their dietary requirements.

Our history

Bill Hadikin is not only the owner of Rawthentic but its best customer. He has been enjoying vegan raw food since 2004 when he went through a personal journey discovering health in his life, losing over 50 lbs of weight in the process while feeling amazing.

Bill's philosophy is “Don’t just eat it ‘cause it tastes good…learn why it is good for you at the same time.”  One of the most rewarding parts of this business for Bill is helping people not only to eat healthy but to learn about health.  “I watched a nurse lose over 100 lbs by changing her lifestyle.  A lawyer around 60 years old accidentally came into Rawthentic once, tasted the food, learnt a little about what we were about and lost over 50 lbs pounds over the next year,  participating in triathlons for the first time in his life.  A young student came in, got inspired, and while going to university maintained a healthy vegan diet.  She lost weight and said  she had so much more energy for her studies.”  If you happen to see Bill, please feel free to stop him & share with him your unique Rawthentic story, as he really wants to hear it. 

Bill enjoys making new raw, alive and delicious recipes, providing health to the communities Rawthentic serves, and he is grateful for the amazing people that work and eat at Rawthentic.  Bill wants to have a Rawthentic in every community.  


Rawthentic currently has 2 locations on beautiful Vancouver Island.   
Please drop in and visit us whenever you happen to be in Victoria or Courtenay  

Courtenay location - Downtown

407-B Fifth Street,
Courtenay, British Columbia  
Tel: 250-338-0571
Mon to Sat  9:00am-7:00pm
Sun 10am-6pm

Victoria location - 
Royal Oak

108-4440 West Saanich Rd,
Victoria, British Columbia
Tel: 778-432-4800
Mon to Sat 9:00am-7pm
Sun 10am-6pm


Feel free to drop us a line via this contact form:)  We are always looking for feedback and comments from you to improve our food & service quality.