Our Cleanse PROGRAM

Eating a healthful diet definitely reduces the levels of toxins we absorb into our body.  However, in this modern, fast-changing world of ours, we're exposed to harmful substances on a daily basis ALL the time - they're in our diet (in the form of pesticides, microbes, and mercury, to name a few) and in the very air we breathe (think disinfectants, deodorizers, and the gasses released by fresh paint).

  Fortunately, as humans we have excellent physiological systems in place to handle these toxins: enzymes throughout our bodies are continuously breaking them down and helping to flush them out.  Rawthentic's 3, 7 & 14 day cleanses work by optimizing our system.  They involve juice fasts - in the case of our 3 day cleanse - as well as strictly eating and drinking raw, alive and delicious whole foods - in the case of our 7 & 14 day cleanses - that are packed full with nutrients believed to boost the activity of our enzymes and nourish our bodies' most important detoxifying organs - our liver, our lungs, our kidneys, and our colon & digestive system - so they can do their jobs better and more easily and efficiently.

Feel free to mix and match any of the plans to specifically what you want.
Try a 3-day Juice Cleanse followed by a 7-day Cleanse or go extreme and do three 7-day plans in a row. 

 Note: All plans are date specific.  Ask our staff about the savings you get purchasing a cleanse package.